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Welcome to Sonic-Music-Remixed! I'm Ebby and I'm here to post all the remixed Sonic the Hedgehog music you could ever want! There's two songs daily, so always expect a new tune to jam out to!

STATUS: Active with inconsistencies!!

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Sonic Meets Metal | Erock

Title: Sonic Meets Metal

Artist: Erock

Description: Guess what guys? It’s time to SHRED! :) Here we have a medley of a few Sonic 2 songs gone metal! Including Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, and the¬†Invincibility¬†theme! This artist even included the theme to the SatAM cartoon! The riffs and solos in this are absolutely CRAZY! If you’re a metalhead you’ll enjoy this, and if you’re not I’m sure you’ll love this too! This was submitted to me by PrimeSonic! Thank you and enjoy guys!

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