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Welcome to Sonic-Music-Remixed! I'm Ebby and I'm here to post all the remixed Sonic the Hedgehog music you could ever want! There's two songs daily, so always expect a new tune to jam out to!

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Sonic Meets Metal | Erock

Title: Sonic Meets Metal

Artist: Erock

Description: Guess what guys? It’s time to SHRED! :) Here we have a medley of a few Sonic 2 songs gone metal! Including Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, and the Invincibility theme! This artist even included the theme to the SatAM cartoon! The riffs and solos in this are absolutely CRAZY! If you’re a metalhead you’ll enjoy this, and if you’re not I’m sure you’ll love this too! This was submitted to me by PrimeSonic! Thank you and enjoy guys!

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