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Welcome to Sonic-Music-Remixed! I'm Ebby and I'm here to post all the remixed Sonic the Hedgehog music you could ever want! There's two songs daily, so always expect a new tune to jam out to!

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Title: Shattered Departure

Artist: VizardJeffhog

Description: I’m actually going to use the artist’s description, well most of it actually. It does a better job. This has to be the most melancholy piano arrange I’ve ever heard for a Sonic game. Enjoy.

“Now this is a track that definitely doesn’t get enough love in the remixing field. Props to ForeverSonic on RadioSEGA for premiering this on his Random Hour show!

Composed by Tomozou Endo for the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the original ending theme plays when Sonic has not collected enough Chaos Emeralds by the game’s supposed final zone, Scrambled Egg Zone, and fails to rescue Tails as a result.

What enforces it as the game’s “Bad Ending” is the implication that Tails dies. Yes, then-4 year-old Miles Prower dead. Not a happy thought right there…

So, I put together an arrangement of that theme. The name “Shattered Departure” is inspired by the failed chance to get to the Crystal Egg Zone (the true final zone should all Chaos Emeralds be attained) and save Tails’ life from Eggman’s grasp. A crystal shattered into shards! As for the word “Departure”… well, take a guess.

“Rumbling HWY…” for Mission Street (by the brilliant Jun Senoue) from Sonic Adventure 2 has been added to my piano remix as well. Cannot wait for the HD rerelease in October!

Last few notes are inspired by Daniel Ingram’s “BBBFF (Big Brother Best Friend Forever)” from the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

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